About Us

Arif Books, founded in Dubai-UAE in the year 2004, is an independent book distributor for publishers in the Middle East, self-published authors, and SME publishers around the world.

We caters to independent bookstores, chain stores, libraries, and speciality markets in the region.

In addition, we act as a sales agency for independent publishers from around the world, who is looking to sell their books into Gulf Countries' sales channels?

Arif books' success comes from the team that has three decades of professional experience in the company's field of work expertise in the region.

A variety of publishers are in its distribution services, such as titles about local interests, academic titles, children's titles, nonfiction titles, design titles, food and beverage titles, and many more.

Our success is the result of our commitment to creativity, reliability, good product selection, and fast order processing.

Why We Are Different ?

We give Individual attention means that you won’t get lost among a crowd of clients so large that nobody knows your name. You can talk directly to the manager that handles sales, fulfilment.

 We have Modern facilities, programming, and technology means we service customers needs efficiently and service our clients’ needs in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Although we are not what you would term a low-cost operator, our rates are very competitive more importantly,our distribution clients appreciate the fact that our fees are based on our ability to sell the product and not to store it or move it around. 

If you need any help with marketing, production, printing or any other part while publishing, we can assist you in overcoming the issues.

Submission Guidelines
Submit Your Book for Review

Submitting your inquiry for book distribution with us is easy.  At Arif Books, we look for independent publishers and self-published authors dedicated to carving out a niche in the marketplace and backing their books with a solid marketing and public relations effort.  

If that describes your line consider sending us information on your booksauthors and marketing plans to our email address distribute@arifbook.com or send us the copies of books to


Arif Books Distribution LLC

Office M06, Al Zaharaa Techno Centre

Khalid Bin Whaleed Road,

BurDubai – Dubai – UAE

Mobile: 050-7604788 


If you have information on the future plans for the development of your line send us that information as well.